made in japan

like most girls i'm always trying to find that magic product to make my lashes look larger, longer, lusher. but no matter what the brand or what the price i find mascaras don't do that much for me. my lashes are naturally dark, curled and longish which may be why i don't notice dramatic results but if you are well endowed in the chest department a push up bra only makes you look more busty, right? so if that theory is correct my lashes with mascara should look like falsies. i read about this mascara from japan in a magazine called fiberwig. it's suppose to look like false lashes without the work and embarrassment of them possibly falling off. so i sent away for it through ebay and waited, anticipated the top selling mascara in japan. i tried it as soon as it arrived and well i still can't tell if i look that different, if raccoon eyes in the morning are worth it. what do you think?

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