lip gloss emergancy

for christmas this year my boyfriend wanted me to give him some ideas of what i'd like under the tree. so, i put together this insane two page list of items ranging in cost from a few dollars to over a thousand. needless to say i didn't get the chanel bag but i would of got the too faced mood swing lip gloss if sephora had had it in stock. the sales person told him they weren't available in canada at the time. i heard about the lip gloss in a magazine and it seemed like a cute idea, a gloss that changed from clear to pink depending on your mood. well, yesterday i was at sephora and they had the gloss. i tried it on and headed over to the mirror for a look. i don't know what mood i was in but my lips were bright magenta and the gloss was way outside my lip lines. i looked like a 5 year old girl wearing her mom's lipstick. it was awful. this may be a good product for people who like bright lips and have careful application skills but i think i'd scare people if my lips suddenly turned that shade of pink. i did end up getting a lip gloss, i chose california kissin' by benefit. i loved the shininess of it, the applicator and the minty taste. it's also suppose to make your teeth look whiter because it has a slight blue tint. i'm not sure if my teeth were whiter but my lips looked and tasted great, love it.

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