break skate was robbed and i'm wearing stripes

the final outfit before nyc. i'm wearing my fav horse dress again. i love that it's long sleeved so it's perfect for the colder weather but it's also made of thin material so it can also be worn into the summer. i paired it with my stripy cardi and my newly found silver hoops. it seems someone left them in the pocket of their horse print hoodie and put it in their hamper. who could have done that? ha ha. well as i sit here drinking coffee from my new coffee maker waiting for rob and big to start i'm freaking out thinking of all the things i still have to post. will i ever catch up? maybe i shouldn't have spent the last hour watching america's favourite dance crew and mourning the loss of break skate. or spent three hours today at value village scanning the racks, although i did get an awesome vintage benneton striped cardigan.

cardigan: urban outfitters
dress: h&m
necklace: vintage, luv your pets
leggings: american apparel
hoops: gypsy

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