kiss me kate

i love kate moss... a lot. she adds so much to the photos she is in and even though kate makes the clothes she wears look amazing it's almost as if she overpowers them. instead, it's her you look at and are drawn too. as much as i love her as a model and her style outside of the magazines what really appeals to me is her face and how she carries her body. even though i don't know her or believe all that is written about her i want to be like her.  unlike sienna miller who i love not only for her style but because she's so down to earth and funny in interviews. kate rarely speaks to the media, instead you get to know her through her photos. she projects this aura that leads you to believe she would be a really cool person and no other model comes close to the power she has to captivate. when i saw the cover of the new british vogue i had to post it because kate is just perfect on it. the dress (dolce), the pose, the hair, the expression all perfect. 

on top of the cover there's an amazing ethereal spread of kate inside plus an unbelievable editorial shot by mario testino featuring daria and lily in the andes. check it out.

i promise as soon as i charge my camera battery and upload my photos i'll post all my nyc pics and outfits for you. i want to make sure you get your true north fix everyday. thanks for checking out my blog everyone!

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