fisherwoman named marc

i love fisherman sweaters with nordic prints of deer and wolves. i've already shown you my neon and black french connection wolf one so here's my vintage deer one. this version is made of that really scratchy wool that you have to wear with something underneath or it will drive you crazy. i love this style sweater so much i even had a deer version just like this custom made for my dog. though strictly for keeping warm purposes i don't normally dress him up. it was freezing again this day so i wore my uggs. i know it's sacrilege but it was -25 and cold but not slushy making it perfect ugg weather. i was waiting for my car to be fixed this day but i had a lot of errands to do so i had to walk all over the city and i stayed pretty warm thanks to this outfit. this was the day i picked up my vintage wranglers from the tailor and they look so good. i think i might wear them this weekend so i'll post pictures soon. i also curled my bangs under like rory on g.girls for the first time and everyone thought i got a haircut and that it looked good. i don't know why i was so hesitant to style it that way.

sweater: vintage, clothing show
tee: american apparel
jeans: marc by marc jacobs
boots: uggs
belt: vintage
necklace: gift and luv your pets tag

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