i heart josh... sometimes

i wanted to wear the adorable heart belt i got vintage shopping on tuesday so i decided to heart it up with one of my fav. cardigans. i thought putting it with the stripes would make it a little less sweet and give the outfit some edge. i would have worn my most loved silver hoops with this but they're missing and i'm gutted. i hope i find them or if not i'll have to hope gypsy is still carrying them five years later. i'm writing this to you as i watch josh hartnett in the faculty and polishing up the scuffs on my new 1960's high heeled brown boots. it amazes me how he has the ability to go from gross, scuzzy, dirty guy to sexy depending on the movie or photo kind of how my boots are transforming before my eyes.

sweater: h&m
top: urban outfitters
belt: vintage 69
jeans: paper denim and cloth
boots: vintage guess
ring: h&m
necklace: mom's and luv your pets customized charm

photo property of popsugar

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