cats in the woods

yesterday i spent the night eating pad thai and spring rolls while watching the girls on top model catfight their way to the top with my hobo cat rascal. i also managed to avoid doing laundry for another night so my hamper is at dangerous levels. it could topple over at any moment burying me, imagine suffocation by my clothes. i will get it done soon, hopefully, but in attempt to avoid it until tomorrow here's yesterday's outfit. i'd show today's too but i'm still in my pj's. i tried out heidi braids yesterday as so many sites have been showing how easy they are to do, fashionista, whowhatwear. i think they looked really sweet. i also wore my new sweater and my forest print twentyeighttwelve tee. i love sienna, everything about her so naturally i've been intrigued by her and her sister's collection. i love the deer, bird and forest drawings on it. it really goes with my aesthetic.

sweater: aritzia
top: twentyeightytwelve
leggings: winners (i threw them out last night though, as they were falling down all day)
boots: vintage guess

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