what's in your shopping bag?

here's a pic of some recent purchases. i went thrifting yesterday and i found this beautiful giorgio saint angelo skirt. he's a famous 1970's designer and the skirt is high waisted with pockets. the purple paisley print will be perfect for fall and all i have to do is mini it so i look like a 20 something instead of a grandma, albeit a chic grandma. i also picked up these cute denim shorts. it's hard to find ones that are flattering on me so when i find them i snatch them up. the other day i bought this cute fringed pouch at h&m. it's perfect to hold make-up, an ipod or even squish in sunglasses but i'm going to use it as a camera case. finally, this is the leather biker jacket i got at zara. it's a popular choice but there's good reason, it fits perfect, it's soft leather and it's so hard to find all these things in vintage jackets. it's exactly what i've been looking for for months and i just don't think the vintage version exists at a price range i'm willing to pay. yesterday, i also got a new tinted moisturizer at sephora. it's by the balm and i love it. the balm also makes my favourite concealer and great stick free lip gloss. i picked up a new bottle of dry shampoo as well. this time i got a powder instead of the spray i already have and i'm going to see which i prefer. dry shampoo has become an essential of mine. i think if you have long hair you don't want to dry it out by washing it everyday but the dry shampoo keeps your roots from being greasy and freshens your hair. it creates lift and texture and it's how kirsten dunst got that bouffant in marie antoinette. it's been one of the secrets of french girl chic for hundreds of years.

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