chocolate, vanilla and butterscotch

today has been very frustrating. i've been trying to find a spring jacket that's a little rock and roll and is preferably leather. everything i like is either not in my size or too expensive. now i know i bought that zara one a few weeks ago but it just wasn't working out. it was exactly what i was looking for but i just didn't seem to like the way it was fitting on me. i think it was too big and i didn't help that i see girls wearing it all the time. so today a went around looking for a replacement and i found an amazing development jacket at winners. unfortunately it was cream coloured and it seemed as though it had been worn as it was very dirty. i thought about getting it and then having it dyed black but i was afraid it wouldn't work out and it was 300.00$. that's a big risk to take. so i guess i'll have to keep looking. the good thing about checking out jackets was i got to stop by the cupcake shop at yonge and eg. mmm, they're so good there, much better then magnolia. this is an outfit from the other day. i wore it on another very uneventful and frustrating shopping day. i did get this alternative apparel tank but otherwise lately i haven't had any good finds.

coat: holt renfrew private label
purse: vintage, thrifted
scarf: madewell
jeans: rock and republic
sweater: madewell
top: urban outfitters
shoes: converse
earrings: lavish and squalor
gray tank: alternative apparel

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Anonymous said...

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Thanks :D