magazines and measles

today i spent the day reading the new magazines that came out and eating yummy cheese and cucumber sandwiches. thursdays are my favourite day of the week because it's magazine day. and even though i usually work thursday nights i always try to hit the newsstand for my weekly fix before i go in. today it was teen vogue and elle. i've been trying to find the new french vogue because there's a great kate moss spread in it but so far no luck. i've also been dealing with some very irritated cheeks. i don't know if it's from petting the cat i'm allergic to and touching my face or being outside but my cheeks are red and very hot. there's been talk of the measles going around toronto and i know i don't have them because i'd be a lot sicker and i've been immunized but kevin's been calling me measley even since my cheeks got red.

sweater: thrifted
dress: urban outfitters
tights: urban outfitters
scarf: thrifted
boots: ebay, vintage ropers

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Arika said...

ahhh I love your tights!
I can't wait till it is fall again so i can wear tights!