is that a robber in that mask?

today i tried to wake up early to get some errands done but of course i stayed up too late last night dancing in my living room drinking vodka five alives. i only had one really, but it was a double i am a bit of a light weight and drinking it kept me up until 4am. so, joining the gym and taking stuff to the tailors went on the list for another day but i did manage to return a coat i got yesterday at aritzia. i also bought a amazing leather biker jacket from zara and hit sephora hard. i liked the artizia coat a lot but because i am attempting to curb my spending and keep my wardrobes from collapsing under the weight of all my clothes i had to return one of the jackets i got. in fact, i went through all my clothes yesterday and ended up with a suitcase full of stuff i need to get rid of. i just don't know if i want to donate it or try and sell it on ebay. i'm just not sure how hard it is to sell things on ebay, i know it's easy to buy stuff ;) yesterday i also fell in love with a wallet and a bag at holt's. the wallet's a pink balenciaga and i want it so bad. unfortunately, it's over 400$ dollars so i don't think i'll be getting it but maybe it will go on sale. the bag is a gryson but i did just get a nice purse in nyc so i don't think i'll be buying it either. i did get some good news at telus though. i found out the phone i've been lusting after, the lg ev, will most likely be in canada in a month or two. now i will finally be able to text like b. i'll post today's outfit soon but here's one from the other day. ahh, you can't tell in the picture but the raccoon on my shirt has a mohawk, so cute. when i started dating my boyfriend he had a mohawk. in fact that's the main reason he caught my eye, i have a little thing for them.

shrug: reworked urban outfitters top

tee: zara
jeans: levis 
boots: vintage
earrings: gypsy


Donna Vitan said...

So will Telus make you subscribe to their data plan since it's a smartphone? I currently have the LG chocolate spin, since another phone I wanted with a qwerty keyboard had to have a voice plan and a dataplan, when all I wanted was the voice plan with text.

Ah, off topic I suppose but then the phone you are getting is now going to be on my lust list! Thanks. *u*

Cindy said...

the guy said i'd have to join both plans for a year then i could drop the data plan but it would probably only be 60-80 dollars depending on what i got. right now i pay 45-55 depending on how much i text so it's not too much more for my fav. phone.