get into the groove

so i've been a little behind again posting outfit shots but it is mostly because my guy's been using my computer to work on his new record. he'd gladly step aside if i asked him too but,i don't like to get in the way of his work ethic so bare with the sporadic posting for the next little while. that said, this outfit is a simple look but i love the pairing of a fitted dress shirt and slick jeans. it's very classic and put together. i rarely reach for a collared shirt when i'm getting dressed i think because i spent five years wearing one everyday for school. i often forget i even own them. this one is extra nice because it has cotton panels that hug the body and make it very comfy plus, it's organic cotton. the jeans are my foray into the first high waisted style, which i got last fall. they make my legs look so long, especially when paired with tall heels like my new studded boots. my obsession with desperately seeking susan is well documented on this blog so it comes as no shock when i say i'm always on the look out for studded ankle boots. when i saw these i had to own them even though they're a half size too small. we have to suffer sometimes for fantastic vintage.

top: aritzia, community
jeans: citizens
heels: vintage 80's


Stephanie said...

Those boots are so hot!! I love them! Even if they're a tad small, wear them on a cold day: chances are your feet might be a bit smaller then and they might fit a little better!

Cindy said...

that's a great idea. i think they stretch a little too because they are hardly worn.