hang me out to dry

lots of grey and lots of layers = lovely. it makes me happy, like piles and piles of grey tri-blend jersey. i think i'd have to roll around in it if i ever went to the american apparel factory like rumi at fashion toast did. don't mind all the hanging laundry in the background our dryer broke again and this was the state of our apartment for 4 days while kev and i each did a month's worth of laundry.

top: cheap monday
tank: h&m
jeans: urban outfitters
mocs: laurentian chief


Stephanie said...

Rumi of Fashion Toast seems to live such a great glamorous life, doesn't she? While in NY for the Wang show, she met up with Garance of Une Fille Comme Moi! Her lifestyle is definitely ideal for blogging!

Cindy said...

i got so excited when i saw her on sartorialist at style.com and she was even in the background of a pic of alexa chung at alexander wang. i would die to be that close to alexa never mind seeing that amazing show. rumi is amazing.