how does your garden grow

i saw these socks in urban outfitters months ago when they opened down on queen street. they were on a mannequin but nowhere in the store. i had to have them so this was very frustrating. i mean how could they tease me so? a few weeks later at the yonge location there they were and i snatched them up at last. i wanted to make them a focal for this outfit so i went simple with a t-shirt dress, loafers and a purple leather belt. it also allowed my lovely green nails to pop a little more then usual, which is never a bad thing. i have some unrelated news as well. kevin got a new computer so now i can post whenever i want. i'm a little jealous because his ibook is so much shinier and faster then mine. i take my only solitude in the fact that mines bigger. two, those of you who get the w network can watch my lovely alexa every wednesday at 10pm on gok's fashion fix. the show is okay but you get to see alexa talk to big designers and wear adorable outfits so it's worth a tune in. finally, here's four songs i'm very into right now. a fine frenzy - almost lover (i love this album, ashes and wine is my fav. but there's no video for it.) freedy johnston - bad reputation, grace potter - apologies and sparky's flaw - under control. check them out on itunes.

dress: aritzia
belt: vintage
socks: urban outfitters
shoes: charles jourdan, vintage
bag: marc by marc

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