on september 24th, 1991 nevermind by nirvana was released onto the world, sparking the grunge movement and introducing youth to kurt cobain. i love nirvana and this album includes my favoutirte song, lithium, as well as the amazing in bloom and smells like teen spirit. right now there's a store near my house that has it's windows plastered with kurt's face. i had to take pictures of it before it disappeared to show all of you. the effect of it is very cool and i wish it was permanent. it's silly to say that nirvana was completely responsible for grunge, flannel shirts, grandpa cardigans and all things that made the nineties so special to me but they defiantly played a big part in it. it makes you realize how important music can be to our culture and how the current dismal state of the music industry makes another mass shift in tastes next to impossible. nevermind sold over 10 million copies and to think if it was released today would it even have made it to 1 million? would it be so important? keep the industry alive, support artists and buy music, buy albums.

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