mr. t and werewolves

i sit here about to read the september issue of harper's bazaar uk, thinking about new moon which i'm reading again, obsessed, listening to a fine frenzy and trying to avoid thinking about being at work in under two hours. that's the worst thing about having three days off, you do not want to go back, not that i got to enjoy my time off as i was sick the whole time. the only thing not keeping me from crawling under the sheets is the thought of all the things i want to buy and do in nyc and how much money i need. before i crack opening the magazine i'm going to leave you all with a friday post. the pushing back of topshop still hurts my heart as i really wanted that heart print kate moss cardigan but at least i have my star tunic to ease the pain. this top is really growing on me. it's flattering and looks great with jeans, leggings, skirts and dressed up or down. this day i wore it to work and to nate's b-day party at cadillac lounge. i couldn't go to wild with it but i was inspired by the givenchy runway show and i thought it would look cool piled with lots of gold chains. i also wore my new nail polish concoction. i've been wanting dark grey but i couldn't find it at shoppers so i mixed a light grey polish with black to create this charcoal. you can also get a good look at my favourite ring. it's a gold one i've had since i was a little girl, that's why it only fits on my pinky. i love the delicate knot design and i want to copy this ring in rose gold for my wedding band if i get married one day. i am dating a guy who's hard to tie down so i'm not holding my breath on marriage anytime soon but that's okay i young still. that's it, back to my grande non-fat wet cappuccino.

top: topshop
jeans: levis
shoes: minnetonka
ring: vintage
necklaces: vintage, frug, luv your pets

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