round and round the mulberry bush

i've talked about it again and again, my love for all things mulberry. i've had my brooke for two years now and i plan on adding to my mulberry collection in nyc with a roxanne or a bayswater but lately i've lucked out on some vintage pieces. the other day i found this amazing navy satchel on ebay for a great price with the original mulberry plaid lining. i can't wait for it to come. then today i came across this fab brown saddle bag that i've been loving for years. around the time i bought my brooke i was very much in love with a light tan saddle bag with a striped canvas strap but it was too much money. this one is almost exactly the same but i think a slightly older style. still it was amazing to find it after all these years.


Anonymous said...

Lucky u! i think im gonna search for some vintage ones too! Cuz i like the older styles better!! congrats can't wait to see u pairing them with ur lovely outfits:D

Cindy said...

my favourite is the brown one out of the three. now that i have them all in my clutches for a few days. the leather on the navy one, the oldest mulberry, is a lot tougher and it almost looks plastic so it's my least favourite. i do love it's shape though.