fall love

one of my favourite looks this fall. i just love these colour combos, brown and teal blue + grey. throw in my new bays and some sweet buckled lace ups and the look is perfection. these boots were my, "i can't afford these marc booties so i'll settle for these instead" purchase. i have fallen in love with them though and they are suprisingly comfortable. i love the thick curved wooden heel on them too, for their price they have so many great details.

tee: urban outfitters
shirt: gap
jeans: earnest sewn
bag: mulberry bayswater
boots: bronx


stephanie said...

I soooooo totally remember this post!!! and the bit about the boots!!! didn't you end up getting the marc boots later on?
wasn't it the fall if 08 when you got your bag too? I started following your blog/blogging the summer of 08...it was when i lived in TO. sooooo nostalgic for that time :) loved TO!!!!!!

your bag is gorgeoussssss!! i love that your got grey! such a great shade for you and so different from the usual oak or black. im really tempted by the bays for it's classic-ness. but the alexa is so awesome too....i think im going to ny in the fall so i might just wait it all out till i go to mulberry there.

..and p.s. incidentally this post is on my birthday lol! amazing hahah!


Stephanie said...

hahah as if i wrote "zz".....too funny esp cause im exhausted atm lol!!!

i mean "xx" and so annoying about my signing in not always working...i don't know what's up with it-- i reset it for this comment ;)