road trip

it has been a dream of mine for some time to take a road trip across the northwest us. originally my plan was to go from vegas to san francisco by way of lake tahoe. but now i'm trying to think of how i can link in portland, seattle or park city too. perhaps starting in seattle and going south to san fran and then across through nevada and maybe utah. but, there's always the issue of why stop there and the urge to keep going into colorado. i just love the idea of getting out there and experiencing it all. logistically, it's a lot harder to imagine because i can't drive my car from toronto it would take forever and renting a car for the two to four weeks i'd need would be very expensive but i'm hopeful that one day soon i'll be able to figure it all out. this photo is a constant inspiration and a reminder of how fun it would be driving across those nevada deserts.


Stephanie said...

Thank you SO much for the birthday wishes, Cindy! I'm going to sign up with bloglovin' to follow truenorthstyle.

I was a counsellor for this travelling camp 4 summers ago (wow seems so long ago now) and we went from San Francisco to Arizona via lake Tahoe etc... it was BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tahoe. After being there, I wanted to move there for a summer to work- so many young students working and partying. There and Catalina Island- a summer there would have been equally as fun!

This picture is really inspirational- I hope your roadtrip wish comes to life someday soon!

Cindy said...

so fun didn't it take long to go from san fran to tahoe? i think i'm going to need 3 weeks to do it all.

Stephanie said...

The camp was only three weeks long and as such we didn't get to spend more than three days in one place. I'd say we were in Tahoe within a week of being in San Fran. You're going to have so much fun! It's a really beautiful drive.