shorts in october

the final days of october brought with it the last warm days of the year, at least it seems that way. i had to wear all my skirts and fall dresses as much as possible before it became too cold to wear them for more than a few minutes outside. i won't be able to walk around town all afternoon in an outfit like this soon. in fact, i think i'll be bringing my old winter parka out of storage tonight to wear when i go to work. i've been feeling so awful the last week and i can't believe i haven't called in sick. all i want to do is stay in bed all day, but pushing myself to get up and dressed is helping me fight through the gross. it's a good thing i had a backlog of outfit posts to put up because my recent looks have been less then steller, all sweatpants and hoodies. i was inspired to pull out the a line minis after watching clueless last night but they might have to wait until next week. i love that movie, so classic.

jacket: h&m, vintage fur vest
sweater: bcbg
shorts: urban outfitters
tights: h&m
boots: vintage guess
sunglasses: oakley frogsters

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Deja said...

You are looking gorgeous..! I love your outfit.