in the navy

i have a plaid obsession as anyone who visits this blog regularly can probably tell, so whenever i see plaid i'm instantly drawn to it. it's always nice to find slight variations to the traditional flannel button down and that's what made this shirt an instant purchase for me. i loved the oversized rolled sleeves, they add a point of interest, and the colour is so perfectly fall. it pairs well with my navy blue vintage mulberry and some skinny jeans. not to mention my blue 60's style boots that always bring to mind kate moss, as she has a pair or two with this stitching detail. i have a skinnier heeled brown vintage pair with the same look but i'd love to find a pair in velvet. they'd be completely impractical for toronto winters but very lush.

i wanted to tell all of you that you can now follow true north style on bloglovin by clicking the link on the side. i've been converted! you can also check out streetstyl.es for feeds from some great fashion blogs. it's an amazing way to find new favourites.

jacket, bracelet and boots: vintage
scarf: american apparel
bag: vintage mulberry
sunnies: oakley, frogskins
top: h&m
jeans: j brand


Domonique said...

Those boots are super cute with that shirt.

Nice little blog you have here.

Cindy said...

thanks domonique! i'm a little afraid one day they're going to rip apart though they're so old so i don't wear them too much.

Franki Skye said...

you're super cute!