okay, so i didn't end up seeing twilight last night after all. i decided to wait until i had some company to hit the theatre with and even with all the less then stellar reviews i'm going to see it on tuesday with j.b. and sonn. it should be a busy "weekend" for me because wednesday night is going to be dinner with paige and sonn. we're going to eat at work and celebrate a.b. and ian's last shift together, as a.b. is moving to france for a bit and ian's heading off to get into major trouble in south east asia for a few months. i'm going to miss those two so much. the last few days have been pretty uneventful, got a manicure (taupe polish, ohh i'm so trendy), made lasagna and worked on some diy (bleaching and studding) i'll have the results for you soon.... hopefully. this outfit is from last week, i'm very behind. it's very grungy but i'm wearing some of my favourite things, moccasins and plaid flannel... love love love.

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