the uk makes 7 things....

so stephanie at le cheap c'est chic tagged me to post 6 unimportant things i like, so here they are:

  1. long drives on the open road with coffee (extra nice if it's tim hortons), lots of music (preferably something rocky, sam roberts, kings of leon, springsteen), and my feet on the dash.
  2. the first big snowfall of the winter, especially at night because everything is very quiet and there's is this energy in the air that's unexplainable.
  3. thursdays: new magazines come out, i love magazines and this leads to scrapbook making which is another favourite pasttime.
  4. the moment after you do laundry when every piece of clothing you own is clean and possibilities for what to wear are limitless.
  5. music and singing in the shower. i never take a shower without my ipod blaring so i can sing out at the top of my lungs, i've been doing this since high school before ipods existed back then it was my tragic kingdom cd playing on repeat. that said, i usually end up taking very long showers.
  6. jumping in, i love the water and there's nothing better then feeling the water crash around you, especially into a muskoka lake or the salty ocean.
i'm not tagging anyone but instead i urge everyone to share a bit of yourselves and let us know your top 6.... or 7. xoxo happy weekend.

p.s. my coat came to day, it is lovely and tomorrow night i think will be twilight night i can't wait.


Stephanie said...

I wait for the first snowfall every year. It's the best and you describe the scene/feeling here perfectly! It's always best when it falls at dusk/night- there's like this twinkle in the sky! yay! Can't wait!

It's hard to pick 6 I know! I could have gone on and on...easily!lol.

Franki Skye said...

Holy crap! I LOVE the first pic. Amazing.. she's beauty.

Take care

Cindy said...

alexa is stunning, what else can i say. i adore her.

Charmaine said...

So true about the Tim Horton's... you can't be a true Canadian if you don't like Timmy's. I was in London (UK) last Canada Day & Trafalgar Square was turned into a festival of Canadian things; Canadian musicians on stage etc... The one thing I made sure I stopped into was the Tim Horton's stand. The only thing disappointing about it was that they had no IceCaps. I love IceCaps & it was a blazing hot day; it would've been perfect!