thrifting in the snow

an outfit post... so this one's from last wednesday. i went home to brampton to spend some time with the parents and check out the local thrift stores. it was sort of a bad idea though because it ended up crazy snowing that night and i had to drive home at a snail's pace so i wouldn't slide all over the road. after an extra hour of drive time i did get home safe and with a few lace goodies and another plaid shirt in tow. all were from the value village where i thrifted for the first time back in 95'. i love that place. the pictures are a little blurry because of the low light, it gets dark so early here now. i'm thinking about getting a digital slr to counter this problem, any suggestions on what to get? i want to spend no more then 600$.

top: wesc
tank: aritzia
jeans: earnest sewn
boots: belle by sigerson morrison


Anonymous said...

youre lucky you always find so much great stuff.. whenever i go thrifting i find nothing but i always ask myself 'what would cindy do' :P

anyways, i got this camera last week:

the pictures are amazing and sharp, especially for its price. you can get it at henrys and probably any other store but i got mine at SIG (the link)
its about 40$ cheaper there :)


Cindy said...

thanks jenn. it's so nice to here from you, it's been too long.