nov. 21 bundled

it's been a busy week and as you can tell by this post title i'm behind again on putting these outfits up. since these were taken i spent a day in the market vintage shopping, worked, worked, worked, studded my shoes until my fingers were raw, saw twilight with sonn, went to see my friend's band the heavy, made all my christmas cards with j.b. and did more laundry then humanly possible. but enough excuses, i wanted to break up these photos in two posts one with the now necessary layers of coats, gloves and hats and one without all that so you can see the outfit beneath. this time of year it's almost like you're always wearing two looks when you leave your house, your outside outfit and your inside outfit, so i try to make the most of it. the under layer will be posted tomorrow if i can squeeze it in between my mom's birthday lunch and work. hopefully, the snow storm holds off so my family can make it into the city to celebrate.

hat and glove: h&m
boots: frye
coat: h&m
vest: vintage
bag: mulberry
tights: wal mart


Stephanie said...

The coat, the boots, the beret= you look amazing! LOVE the boots and coat combo esp. the Frye leather and army green jacket it's phenomenal!

I know those shoes are so high! I don't think I'll ever be able to wear them to work. SO I'll keep them for dinners and nights out. I needed a pair to go with my Christmas/new years outfits...so those are a solid contender at the moment.

And my miu miu...i got it on sale at Holts- at an amazing $. and then it got "vintage-ized" in this torrential Toronto downpour this summer. I almost cried- actually. But you know what, people still love it and I still wear it 24/7 so it wasn't the total loss I imagined at the time.

I LOL at your comment abt the Trib boots at Holts- couldn't have put it better myself! I don't know how the Olsens do it to walk in heels that high all the time, esp. Ashley.

And yah Jenny has the same boots! Great eye ;-)

Cindy said...

i find the first scratch or damage in general on a big purchase is hard but it breaks the ice and makes it so you wear the item as an everyday piece, vs. a special occasion piece. it always takes me a while to put big items in heavy rotation. my bayswater doesn't get to leave the house much and my chanel only leaves the box so i can look at it, even though it's vintage. but it took me almost a year to regularly wear my marc and mulberry brooke.

j said...

Hiii :) I haven't really commented before, but I love your blog because you're Canadian (like me!) and I see so few Canadian fashion blogs. <3 Plus you have cute style!

So I was wondering if I could ask you something...A few posts back I saw that you had ordered stuff online from Shopbop, did you get charged customs on your order and if so, how much? I really want to buy a bag off of there, but am not sure if it's worth it!


Cindy said...

hey, yes they charge customs. it was about 100$can on 250$us. i knew they charge alot b/c i've ordered from them before. for me it was worth it because the stuff i got was on sale and it was free shipping. i got my coat and chucks and toms for 420$ (duty, exchange everything incld.) when the jacket was originally 400$us. they ship really fast and the have a special on now too. i like shopbop a lot.

Cindy said...

oh, and j nice to hear from you. i forgot to say that! happy sunday.

Franki Skye said...

I seriously love that jacket.. been looking for one similiar for a heck of a long time!


Cindy said...

i think h&m has had it for two seasons. they may release a similar one again you should keep an eye out.