best wishes

a week late but better now then never, my christmas eve look. kevin always says that whenever i go to family events i wear things i never normally put on. when i asked him what he meant by that he answered, "like velvet things". to reply, i see these occasions as opportunities to wear all the fantastic vintage pieces i have accumulated of the years. i rarely get dressed up in my everyday life because i usually go out after work or go to bars where you are highly likely to get something spilled on you. these pieces are delicate you have to treat them with care. this dress is one of those items. it's silk velvet from the forties with embroidery on the shoulder and a matching three quarter sleeve jacket. i love the weight of good quality velvet and i think the crochet tights make the look even more lux. i also added the beaded belt to create a waistline and shorten the dress a bit, it still needs to be hemmed.
dress and belt: vintage
tights: urban outfitters
shoes: anne klien, winners
earrings: gift from portugal
bracelets: diy


Stephanie said...

you look beautiful cindy! lovely dress :-)
I'm so envious of all your Toronto vintage shops. We have nothing amazing here and certainly nowhere near as affordable as your options!

Stephanie said...

Happy new year Cindy! wishing you a fashionable 2009 :-)

Emma said...

I love velvet!! Especially for the festive season. So deep and rich and luxurious :D I got a gorgeous burgundy velvet scarf from Indonesia for Christmas, love it, but its too hot right now to wear it :(