celebrate good times

it's hours away from midnight and i'm about to slip into my green chiffon mini dress and siggie ankle boots and party the night away. i wanted to wish all my readers and friends out there, all the best in the new year. here's some pictures from christmas day where i was lucky enough to have my mom play photographer. she's the the best.dress: development
tights: h&m
boots: jlo
earrings: gift from portugal

bracelets: diy

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Stephanie said...

The top pic of you and your mom is adorable!!!

re: the tripod: I was researching them and 1) found they are v.surprisingly affordable and b) read reviews of pple talking about remotes. lol. So i guess that is next. Well it's an investment I gather and with the amount of pics I take for the blog and simply otherwise it's about as worth it and justifiable as any fashion splurge ;-)

Re: the uncomfy loubs and the most comfy pair: I was sooo dissappointed abt the loubs! I saw them on a girl at Holts when I first moved to TO and I was like "oh I so wish I could have those! They are the perfect designer shoe for me!" Because at the time unless I was really dressing up, I only wore flats. Anyhow so in August they were drastically discounted at Davids and I was thrilled! So i bought them. They took me two weeks to "wear in" during which time they gave me the WORST BLISTERS my feet have ever seen and they make my feet swell so much! To this day, I have to wear a bandaid with them all the time and I can never wear them more than one day at a time; two days in a row is not an option. Awful! Anyhow.... the top 3 most COMFY PAIRS are:

1- the nine west oxfords- sooooo comfy! I think it's their proportion and that they are lace up which gives more support to the front of my foot.

2- the mango zip up/lace up bootie.

3- the h&m pair.

oh and the michael kors cut-out sandal (which is not listed because by mistake it's only in the circle picture) is super comfy as well!

I cant believe your finally scored those MJ's!! you've been eyeing them for sooo long! I can't believe you were lucky enough to still get your size!! Can't wait to see them!!!

sorry for the EXTRA LONG comment. I always do this to you! it's the writer in me, I guess ;-)