introducing my nikon D

i finally got through my backlog of photos to the ones i've taken since i've received my new nikon d40. i'm still figuring out all the settings as i've only ever used a traditional slr camera before but already i think the pictures are clearer and brighter.


Stephanie said...

omgosh the difference is SO noticeable Cindy!
I don't know what to do- i was given money to put towards my YSL bag goal but now I have enough to buy a camera and I need a new camera sooo bad! Ah so tricky! To make a practical purchase or a spoiled purchase!

Cindy said...

hard choice. i'd get the bag though as it's harder to save up for that vs. a few hundred for a camera. if you don't start doing it, you'll probably never do it. you'll more then likely doubt your choice at first too because the grass is always greener. just go with your gut, gift money should be spent on things you love not practical things, my boy always says that.