byebye ian

so as you've been hearing about all week my friend ian has finally left for his adventure to asia and the uk, which he may or may not return from in six months time. so he had many going away bashes, so we could all say goodbye. ian is one of the most fun people i've ever met and he will be missed. these are the pics from he and his roommate anton's going away dinner. please, don't mind the horrible lighting in some of these i think my camera was on a weird setting. ian and i are in the first pic, so sad. the fourth pic of ian and steven is so cute too. i have better quality shots of my outfit on my new camera and i will post those next. bon voyage sbf.

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Stephanie said...

I love your outfit! The top and the beanie look amazing!

omgosh Ian and Cosi= SO ADORABLE!!!
and Jenny and Cosi <3 <3 <3!!!!!
Great pics!