liquid leggings 2.0

i wore these again on monday, this time doubling up on that rubber look with some wellies. after all the streets of toronto are nortiously slushy. i toned down my look with a tie neck tunic dress and houndstooth cardi but it still got a lot of questions. all day people asked me what my pants were made of like they'd never seen anything like them before. i thought i was jumping on this trend bandwagon late but i guess these haven't hit the mainstream just yet. i apologize for the bad photos i promise to read my new camera manual soon because right now all i'm doing is shooting on automatic. happy 25th everyone. i got a few of the things on my list too... did you?

cardigan: aritzia
dress: h&m
leggings: urban outfitters
boots: hunter


Anonymous said...

did you buy these in toronto? if so... what store?

Cindy said...

urban on queen st.