catbird... love

i just discovered this fantastic store called catbird. it's in brooklyn but they have an online outpost as well. after weeks looking for animal jewelry i've seen a lot of cute things but nothing as nice as what's being stocked at catbird. my favourite pieces are by digby & iona, oathnyc and bittersweets ny. i think i'm going to have to buy the baby vamp rings, f%ck tab necklace and the sparrow ring once i've recovered from my christmas shopping. i'd love the lost love compass necklace too, i'm obsessed with mini compasses and i never seen a nicer one, but that piece is a bit more of a splurge. check out the site.


Stephanie said...

Wow their stuff is gorgeous! I checked out the site too and added it to my shopping bookmarks ;-) I too am always looking for nature inspired pieces (that are well crafted) How did you discover them?

J said...

Ahhh! I think I'm in love! I too have been searching for some awesome jewelry! Most of the time I've been looking on Etsy though, for sellers who handcraft silver/gold jewelry.

Cindy said...

the staff at alternative apparel posted xmas lists on their blog and one of the girls said she wanted things from the store. i was so impressed with their stock.