my ultimate christmas list

it may be some wishful thinking but here is my ultimate wish list. i would love a heathered grey hoodie from american or alternative apparel, some henleys and tees (hopefully from sophomore), a wolf or an eagle ring, a fab. handbag like a mulberry east west shimmy in purple or a balenciaga arena city or mid day in grey, black, forest green or navy, a canon rebel camera, some flat cowboy style boots like these from jeffery campbell and a thin leather jacket like these from all saints. please click to make bigger.


Stephanie said...

A nice leather jacket is always on my wishlist.lol. And a the Canon 40D SLR is on my wishlist :-)

Cindy said...

i just got the best email from alternative apparel. looks like christmas might be coming early for me. yeah, i love surprises. oh, i like the nikon d40 camera too, i need to upgrade.

Stephanie said...

Omgosh! So much fun, Cindy!!! I love surprises as well- especially in the form of gifts. lol. I need a camera upgrade so bady! I've been asking around with photographers to see what they think I should buy for my needs (aka love taking pics and need good resolution to upgrade to blog) and they have suggested the 40D. Canon for technology. Nikon for quality.