blue monday

last monday i piled on the layers and headed to work. i love the look of tights and sock, it gives an outfit depth. this scarf is grey on grey leopard print and is unfortunately probably as close as i'll get to the lv scarf kate moss likes to wear around town. this shirt is another plaid i picked up thrifting. i bought it because of the flower print. i'm trying to curb my plaid obsession by only buying shirts that have unique details and are different from ones i already own. as it is, i have more plaid then a seattle band in 1992 and if i buy everyone i want i'll end up an old woman buried in flannel. i went thrifting today and i didn't buy any new shirts but i did get a burgundy crushed velvet unitard, disgusting and amazing at the same time. i will post pictures.

scarf and hat: h&m
shirt: thrifted
dress: american apparel
tights and socks: forever 21
boots: vintage guess
belt: urban outfitters


Stephanie said...

Really want that scarf ;-)

karla deras said...

this reminds of how I totally need to start looking for a pair of leather flat boots... because I can't wear heels ALL the time ;)

Cindy said...

stephanie - it's been a scarf lusting day, lv and twenty8twelve. i'm starting to plan my xmas list now. even though my dad's present to me was new brakes for my car :( that was not on my list, but what can you do my car has to stop.

karla- i love your blog, it's so nice to hear from u. i highly recommend ebay for flat boots. vintage is the way to go and most of my favs. i found there or in nyc vintage stores. if you can afford them though i personally think golden goose make the best flat boots. my friend carly has a pair and they are perfection.