and your little dog too.

i'm not one for knock offs. i'd rather save up for the real deal then have a dozen look a likes but once in a while you just can't say no. this skirt was one of those exceptions. so maybe it's not really an exact replica but when i saw it i immediately thought of luella's fall o8/09 collection. it has the same witchy blue and black checks on a girly silhouette. in my defense, it's practically impossible to find luella in canada so i'm not feeling too bad. maybe due to karma, this skirt is actually a size too small. it's okay in the waist, it's more in the length that bothers me. it's shortness makes it impossible to wear with any decency unless dark tights are involved but it was the last one so i really didn't have a choice if i wanted my baby luella. i'm wearing my jack cameo pin too. i love this piece because my own jack russell buddy recently passed away and looking at it makes me remember what an amazing dog he was. miss u luvy.

sweater and tank: aritzia

skirt: forever 21
boots: hunter
jewelery: gifts, luv your pets and street vendors


Shelly's Style Shop said...

Good choice on the skirt. Very Cute!

Sorry about your dog. ;-(

xoxo, Shelly

Stephanie said...

such a cute look with the wellies ;-) the shade of blue is awesome on you!

Anonymous said...

nice wellies


Emma said...

First thing I thought before reading was "Is that Luella?!?!"

אדוה&לימור said...

great outfit!!!
love your style :)

Cindy said...

emma.. u saw it too! at least i know i wasn't imagining the similarities.
thanks for the the comments. i love hunters but you really need socks for them in this winter weather. of course just like my winter coat, they're sold out everywhere in t.o.
shelly. thanks for the mention about my pup. i really miss him but i might be taking a trip in the coming months to make me feel better about it...