amanda de cadenet

famous before she even picked up a camera, amanda was an it brit wild child. she's been a tv host, actress and of course photographer. she's married two rock stars, first john taylor of duran duran and she's currently with nick valensi of the strokes. she's partied hard in tiaras with courtney love and is the mother of three children. you can definitely see the influence rock and roll, grunge and the la lifestyle has on her photography. check out her stuff, u like? she's also the one who shot those glorious pictures of daisy lowe i posted last week. i think the pic with the baby might be of her older daughter and baby twins? the ages would fit. it's my favourite. pictures are featured in id, l'officiel, elle and interview.
sources: amandadecadenet.com and life.com

did you spot amanda?
grunge goddess.


Shelly's Style Shop said...

There are all great photos!

Stephanie said...

oh wow. i love them all. but if i had to pick...the first one followed by the second and third and the one with the lace black dress..lol...so basically there is no narrowing down with this amount of talent ;-)

D said...

If that is her older daughter in the first pic, she is gorgeous!

Veronicahhh said...

i love these photos. whats the source for the last one?

Cindy said...

it's from amanda's site that i've linked above and i think it's in the personal section. there's a couple with this girl.

Anonymous said...

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