these cold days are really getting me down. you can't wear the shoes you want to wear and it's too cold to reach for your best items. instead i am constantly wanting to layer and cocoon in warm fabrics like this cashmere sweater. in fact, i actually wore this sweater two days in a row, it's so cozy. whenever i go thrifting i always check the men's sweaters for cashmere prizes like this but they don't come along very often and half the time you do find them they're all matted from improper washing. i also love raiding kevin's give away piles for items that he's over but i might like. this hat was one of those snatches. i love how slouchy it is and it's probably the closest i can get to the a.wang angora beanie. well, i got to wrap up this post and head to the mall to try and track down that gap jacket and a wii. kevin bought a flat screen wednesday and now we're adding wii to the mix. i can't wait to hit the balance board and do my tricks while playing shawn white snowboarding, ahhh i'm obsessed with that game.

sweater: banana republic, mens, thrifted
top: h&m
pants: urban
shoes: marc by marc jacobs
necklace and cuff: luv your pets and thrifted
hat: the fella's


Stephanie said...

Love the top photo!
I SO know what you mean about the weather!!! Today is sooooo gross here: it snowed 20 cm the other day and it's all gray and flurrying today and the worst part is the snow removal in the city is awful so all the streets and sidewalks have that after-snowstorm effect of brown SLUSH!!! SOOO GROSS. ugh.

Anyways have so much fun with wii!!! I hears it's amazing and I bet shawn white will be amazing on wii!


Shelly's Style Shop said...

Cute photos! Love the beanie. I always wear my husband's beanies.

Have fun with the Wii!


Stephanie said...

Omgosh I just laughed out loud at your comment about lara's breasts- soooo awesome how you worded it! They do loook amazing. Bloody gorgeous models.

Your whole comment was hilarious in it's tone!

So sad about the current lack of wii in your life!!!! I hate that when you get your hopes up for something and not only do you not get it but people laugh at you like you're asking for the impossible.

here's something that might make you feel like comiserating: I signed up for esnipe for that dress and not only did i not win the dress but i woke up to an email from ebay saying my account had been frauded!... turns out I should have looked into those esnipe sites first and not jumped on the first one that came up in my google search...but it looked legit! Ughh so awful and an embarrassing display of naivety ;)