so i might be a little behind on posting because i finally got my wii and wii fit. it's sorry news for me as i've become completely engulfed by it's power and can do little else. so far i've discovered i'm actually better then my boyfriend at every game we've played. i am atrocious at dance dance revelation so it's a good thing he refuses to play it and i currently have the wii level of an 80 year old, soo embarrassed. i will try to tear myself anyway from it for a few minutes to post but it might be difficult :) until next time, i leave you with a new alexa picture via delightful. it's behind the scenes of her ad campaign for new look. happy weekend.


Stephanie said...

I saw this picture on Delightful today too. <3 it! She looks so adorably doe-eyed.

Glad you got your wii!!!! so much fun! have a good night, lady ;)

Kitty said...

Gorgeous pic, I <3 alexa!