grunge is dead

the outfit post had returned... yeah! i finally got off my lazy butt. ok, so i had to buy this shirt the other day because of this. if you follow the blog you know i love kurt and 90's fashion so it's the perfect piece for me. the shirt's made by worn free a company that remakes t-shirts worn by various musicians like john lennon, blondie and of course kurt. my boyfriend is a huge fan of the line too and has quite a few of their tees. i paired mine with a striped cardigan that's been a little neglected lately and my "work" jeans. on a different thread entirely, do any of you get deeply disappointed when you make a decision to get an item you've been contemplating forever but then it's sold out everywhere? i was crushed today when every store and canadian online retailer was sold out of the canada goose parka i want in my size. i just want a trillium, size small in the greenish grey or the tan...why??? it's going to be -35 degrees celsius on thursday, that's when you can get frost bite after less then 30mins of skin exposure. i need this coat. the only way i can get one is if i pay over a hundred dollars extra to buy it in us dollars or get one shipped from the north west territories. buy the time it arrives from there winter will practically be over.

sweater: urban outfitters
tee: worn free
jeans: walmart
shoes: converse diy
hoops: h&m


Stephanie said...

Great Tee ;-)

I have the canada goose and it's going to be something like -50 here today and tmr and then like -20's till Monday. WTF?!!! SO COLD! aNd I hate waiting for the bus that never bloody comes anyways on days like today! What a way to start the day. Ok but back to the coat- it's sooo warm and you need one! I bought the three quarter one thats cinched at the waist this yr and with my Ugg Sorels it's as warm as I could wish for.

SO- when I wanted to buy the coat it was sold out EVERYWHERE! and then I went to the last store on my radar: leBaron SPorts and they had sooooooo many!!!! I couldn't believe it! As I was told there were wait lists across the city but there was this plethora! SO- A) check your sports stores. Baron sports is a hunting and fishing supply store. b) check baron sports website cause they may ship across Canada. Here is the link: http://www.lebaron.ca/

Good luck!!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Cindy! So weird today everyone at work was freaking out over my hair straight, even though I've worn it straight once before. I guess it was just the right outfit to wear straight hair with!

I just noticed that headshot of you! it's gorrrgeeouuus!! I thought it was a celeb when I looked quickly this morning ;-)