michael muller

the photographer today is michael muller. the california artist is most famous for his celebrity portraits and his promotional shots for numerous movies and tv shows. in the portraits below muller captures some of my personal favourites like alexis beidel and shannon hoon. he's also shot one of my most loved party photographs from instyle of kirsten dunst and her lomo camera. michael does a lot of under water work, which has been featured in his ad campaign for speedo and his kristy hume spread in the most recent v magazine. finally, i've added some fashion pics from flaunt magazine, centered around the amazing taylor kitsch. michael's shot him before for friday night lights and i'm wondering if he'll be photographing him soon in his gambit gear, as he's doing the promo pictures for x-men origins. enjoy. photos from mullerphoto.com and models.com.


Stephanie said...

Oh god Taylor is gorgeous!

This is amazing cause you're gonna be a pro on all the photographers in the industry at this rate ;-)

Cindy said...

i know, it's so addicting. i just love taylor too, he's on my list.

Anonymous said...

wow, now THAT'S a headdress!