hand in my pocket and the other hand is giving a peace sign

  • in my attempt to wear heels more often i put together this outfit for a trip to the shops. pairing my oxfords with a favourite skirt that i found in the regular section at h&m. i never really find stuff from there, usually i stick to trend and divided, but once and a while there's a piece that stands out.
  • i call this my kate moss skirt. something about it always reminds me of her, maybe the floral print or the retro flouncy hem. i just finished reading kate moss style and i really enjoyed learning about how she developed her look and all the people that influenced her sense of style. she's a true thrifter and it made me admire her even more. i'm dying to sift through her attic closet, that would be amazing.
  • i realize looking at these pics that i have awful posture. it's so hard to get used to posing with the tripod and camera timer. i always move right before the snap or make some stupid face. i think the solution is a remote.
  • tuesday morning is bringing a starbucks run and thrifting, maybe even a lunch at mitzi's, it's been so long since i've eaten there.
  • chuck on gossip girl was a great start to my "weekend". i can't believe how good his story line is, the show is really hitting its stride with the last two episodes. chuck and ed
sweater: ce va de soi
top: american apparel
skirt: h&m
belt: urban
shoes: seychelles
necklace: gift from chaz, white thorn rules


Shelly's Style Shop said...

Very cute skirt!

Stephanie said...

Awesome go at heels! You look beautiful ;-)

I watched GG! It was sooo good! the last two episodes have been stellar! And YES I too wonder what she was doing nye, and also what she did with this "chuck's uncle" character ;-)

Cindy said...

thanks guys. stephanie i caved and was looking at spoilers and previews for next week. it doesn't look good for b. but you can never tell 100% from spoilers. i think that uncle bass wants the money.