i love u, i don't know if i need u, but i'd die to find out

the things that are racing my heart at the moment.....

  • lux, plush, furry interiors like these from west elm. in an attempt to turn my apartment into the one below i want sheepskin rugs and floor pillows, mongolian lamb sofa cushions, lots of light tones and new bird printed bedding. 

  • the amazing platform heels at gucci for spring 09. deadly and stunning. i'd risk a broken ankle for these.

  • the fantastic sale at office.co.uk where all the shoes i've been admiring are reduced. the rick owens like ankle boots, the heeled docs and even my much desired blue suede creepers which i think i'm going to have to splurge on. *edit* they won't ship sale items to canada, nooooo. can anyone get me these is a size uk7? 


Stephanie said...

I love the interior design! I could never pull it off in my place as i;d have to scrap everything and start from scratch but it looks amazing!

I just did tabletop pics at the office today with those Guccis! I was like omgosh these are sooo hot!!! Such a coincidence that you just posted about them ;-)

Cindy said...

so they're just as nice in person then? i would have totally tried them on. as for the interiors i pretty much gave to get rid of everything too but most of the stuff i have is crap ikea anyway so i'm not to concerned about it. furnature wise i really need a new bed frame and i want a mid cen. danish sideboard for my tv stand so bad. too bad i can't help spending all my money on clothes and trips.

Stephanie said...

Lol. it's ok I spend all my money on my wardrobe as well. And travelling too. I have all these dreams for my bedroom but I haven't been able to see any of them through. Partially due to it always coming second to anything and partially due to budget. I always tell myself, "in my next apartment, I'll definitely do this..."

The shoes are definitely just as gorgeous in person. Though completely runway (read: impractical). I would be really impressed if I saw someone pull them off in an everyday kind of way. I didn't try them on unfortunately as the pics were a rush so I was really focused on getting them to the studio. I did however try on a pair of Givenchys the day before that I would have no problem giving a home to ;-) lol.