in bloom

i love this shape, a wrap/cardigan all flowy and draped. it adds ease and interest to a look while also being very comfortable. this little floral piece was an immediate love. i didn't have to try it on to know it would fit into my wardrobe perfectly. desprate to break up the winter uniform of jeans, tees and sweaters i've fell into to stay warm i decided to risk frostbite, layer up and wear a skirt. i hopeful step towards spring? not exactly it snowed another half a foot yesterday.

top and tank: urban outfitters
skirt: american apparel
leggings: f21
boots: vintage

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Stephanie said...

Were snowed under toooo! I love the cold but I wish it wasn't the extremes in weather- too cold now some day and far too humid in august. But now I'm kinda ready for some spring action.

I love the sunlight coming through in these pictures. <3