oh, sienna is it really you?

sienna miller was the s**t for me a few years back. she could do no wrong and i'd have given anything for her wardrobe. but, after she began shooting factory girl i found her signature style lacking. maybe, she was tired of all the boho imitators, maybe she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress instead of just a fashion icon or maybe she was just jaded and uninspired. gone were here chloe boots, matthew williamson tunics and hippie furs. it was sad for me b/c i loved this girl and i still do but she is no longer someone i turn to for fashion inspiration. then i saw these pics on denimology. the layering, check. the 60's fur and ethnic scarf, check. the boho golden fringy hair and her much loved balenciaga, check. could it be? are you making a comeback ms. miller? please let it be so. pics from siennastyle.org, just jared.com and google.

some of my fav. pics of sienna past... here in vintage ossie clark (i love ossie)
and that fantastic w magazine shoot in a perfect miu miu bra.
in her infamous floral cowboy boots with jude, love her festival looks in 
minis, westwood and mirrored sunnies.
her mom's moroccan belt that spawned a thousand imitations. she had the best
chloe boots. just give me all her shoes....
the ultimate. sienna in williamson. i ♥ ♥ ♥. porgy and bess are adorable too.


Stephanie said...

She looks good in those recent pics. Well outfit wise at least. The second pic kinda looks like she's falling. But it also looks like someones trying to push her through the paparazzi.

I used to love her as well. All these cowboy boots look really outdated which makes me cringe a bit cause (and this was probably coincidental with my sienna craze) I was obsessed with vintage cowboy boots. I didn't think I'd ever grow out of them/stop wearing them and now they are collecting dust on the top top top of my closet in the back. Sigh. I wonder which item I'd kill for now is going to see the same outcome in a few years time? Perhaps the lace up boots? Perhaps all the lamé? I hope it never happens with my leggings, they are the most comfortable things I own. I could never wear jeans 24.7.

Anonymous said...

i have two randomish questions for you -
when did you start this fashion craze & how did you learn about all this fashion history/designers and stuff?

:D - jenn

Cindy said...

s. i adore everything from her boho days, even today. i still wear my cowboys, just not as much. i'm glad it's not trendy anymore though. when stuff gets too trendy they start making items tacky, like pink cowboy boots etc. and it makes every item associated with it less desirable. boho went very tacky in the end. i wish moccasins would stop being trendy b/c i can't stand all the "fashion" ones.

jenn. i guess i've been fashion obsessed forever. i've always watched fashion television and loved shopping since i was a little girl. i learned about fashion mostly through magazines, but also through fashion tv and the internet. i got really into fashion in 11th grade when i became obsessed with stella mccartney. i also went to fashion school but we didn't really cover designers, mostly just history of costume, construction and business practices. i've been into fashion blogs for over two years and it started with agathe from stylebytes, which she no longer updates :( and i started my own blog just over one year ago. i hope that answers your questions.

bella said...

The purple skirt is stunning

Trendy Gourmandise said...

she's very stylish