mulberry spring 09, be still my bank account

it has finally arrived, the spring collection on mulberry.com. after seeing the photos of the runway show on style.com i thought the collection would have some cute pieces but i had no idea i'd be wanting practically every new bag. i normally think it's completely unfair that there aren't any brink and mortar stores that carry the brand in toronto but maybe for my wallet's sake it's a good thing. the clothing collection also features a couple of great coats including some cute leather pieces and sweet dresses. the roxanne is also a new addition to the shoe line that i'm very into although for the price i'd rather have a bag. here are some of the highlights. i'm lusting after the shimmy hobo or tote, the mitzy convertible tote and the jenah or bayswater clutch...... obsessed.

adorable dresses, mini leather jackets & marks in killer heels.

the perfect army coat and a bayswater clutch to cuddle.

jourdan and the jenah ♥ ♥ ♥ amazing hardware and chain strap.

the bayswater clutch 825$us and the mitzy hobo 825$us

oversized ava clutch in a python print 825$us.
the roxanne sandal 795$us.
the metallic zip around purse 375$us
my very favourites........
the shimmy hobo 825$us and
the shimmy tote 995$us. i ♥ the purple sheep's leather.
quite possibly the coolest bag of all, the mitzy tote 750$us
it can be worn as a tote or you can fold the handles in where the
zipper is and wear it with the long strap across the body.


Stephanie said...

gorgeous! the leather looks so supple! I love the peach oversized clutch and every piece would suit you perfectly!

Stephanie said...

I love the title of the post- BTW!

re: ebay post- I know I def. thought about the risk but the thing is I couldn't nnot post about it because I have been talking about it to everyone i know. It's just the nicest mesh dress ive seen on ebay + its my size! SO desirable! But the other reason i posted is because I'm not even sure anymore if i'll bid- there are 7 bidders & 14 bids currently and with the time change and my plan to jump in at the last second and hopefully win the thing, it means setting an alarm and getting up in the middle of the night ;-/- which originally was the plan but that was before i purchased those balenciagas/miumiu wallet! my max initially for it was $100 and since its beyond that now and i'm clearly not the only one who really wants the dress badly, i'm kinda discouraged ;-( Anyhow will keep you posted on the outcome!

Stephanie said...

Ive never heard of esnipe- what is it?! I need to look into that asap!!!

The wallet- I saw it in Toronto at holts and didnt buy it at the time. Its "charcoal" but it looks brownish gray and its that weathered leather they've been doing. it says miu miu in little gold embossed letters in the middle on one side. the zipper and metal details are all in bright gold and the inside of the wallet (and this is what really sold me) is bright fuschia! it's such a nice contrast with the outside. Ive been looking for a new wallet for a little while now cause my cards are currently literally falling out of my wallet. But I just opened up the Frb issue of US Vogue and they have these snake print wallets and they are to.die.for!

Also- i was at Diesel the other day and they have a wallet/clutch that is a bit oversized with large silver/metal lines across it- its gorgeous and it reminds me of this one you have posted here by mulberry. Ill try and find a link for it and get back to you if I do!

Stephanie said...

* feb issue
**Snake print miu miu wallets
*** i feel like your stalker lol ;-)

Stephanie said...

heres the link for the gunmetal colour versionL: http://www.ssense.com/Diesel_Black_Gold-Women-Bags__and__Wallets/Diesel_Black_Gold_Gemma_Gunmetal_Leather_Wallet/10699

Donna A. said...

Hands down...

Spring is my favorite Fashion Season.

Those purses are worth the pretty penny. I'm kind of infatuated with the metallic zip around, but it seems like an item that I could easily find at H&M or Zara.

Franki Skye said...

I love that army coat.. I'm a sucker for army jackets!! Yeah, I couldn't believe that fringed jacket was bebe! Amazing... Hope you enjoy your trip this spring!


Cindy said...

franki-the coat is so amazing. i have about 4 army coats now and i always want more too.
donna- as for the zip purse it;s really a big wallet. i have one like it in snakeskin (it's a knock off i accidentally bought of ebay grrr.) but you would not believe how many compliments i get on it. it's embarrassing, even at the mulberry store! they are gorgeous.
stephanie-love the wallet, i almost bought miu miu instead of mulberry it might even have been the one you got that i looked at in nyc. did you see the kooba bag on the same page and the to die wang suede tote on page 213, omg. so perfect. plus blake is stunning. as for esnipe google it, they bid for you on ebay at the last minute up to a max. bid which you set. it's worked for me a few times but i have been outbid too.

Stephanie said...

I just checked out those bags! They are both gorgeous- to be honest I can't take my eyes off that snake print "hit&hisses" page not the chloƩ ads on pages 107-109 and the coca editorial is so much fun! i just love it and Blake does look entirely beautiful- my favourite shot is on p.167 (third picture from the start of the article)- it's the best American Vogue I've seen in a while- though i did flip through the January issue a few times too.

I googled esnipe! I'm probably gonna use it if I decide to bid- the dress is at $177.00 now- i really don't know if I want to pay that much for it but then I feel like if i don't it might be one of those pieces I regret not owning for the rest of my wardrobe life ;-)

Stephanie said...

*NOR the chloƩ ads

-those typos really bothered me ;-)