alternative apparel

i thought it was fitting since my boyfriend is away in nashville to put together a country inspired outfit. not the i don't wear plaid most days but there's a little more thought in this look with the vest and the boots. what you can't see is the amazing wolf print on the back of my vest, we all know how i feel about them, check it out here. speaking about the southern u.s. lets head to atlanta and the homebase of one of my favourite companies alternative apparel. i have to send out many thanks to all the alternative staff because they answered my christmas wishes and sent me an amazing and generous care package, that included the rocky fleece hoodie i desperately desired. i want you to know that i have worn it almost everyday since it has arrived. it has kept me warm all winter and is the best, coziest, coolest hoodie i've every owned. soon it will accompany me on my trip to southern utah and it has been joined by many other alternative pieces, as i snatch up any i can find around town. great company, great people and a great product. much love. check out the alternative pieces that i'm currently loving below.

hoodie: alternative apparel, vest: urban outfitters, shirt: thrifted, jeans: h&m, boots: vintage

i love the new heathered burnout collection. i have the blue tee and the fit is perfection.
another burnout fav. the racerback tank. my beloved hoodie in the new darker grey.
note to the ladies, this is unisex so get an x-small, mines a small and it's roomy on me.
i love the cardigans from the orange label. it's alternative's premium women's line.


Mel said...

looking gorg!! loving the vintage top xx

Stephanie said...

I love the top look! That vest with the colour of that plaid top look really great on you.

Alternative Apparel's Orange label is all desireable and the other pieces you highlight here are like a much nicer american apparel! The tees look like the softest perfection!

Is that the sweater you were hunting for around the holiday circa Twilight? If so, amazing! that they sent it your way ;)


Emily said...

Those cardigans and tees are amazing!

Shelly's Style Shop said...

cute outfit! Love the boots!

Jenn said...

love all your plaids :))
what do you mean by a 'care package'?
they gave you freebies? :OOOO

by the way, Alternative is so similar to american apparel!

Cindy said...

thanks for the compliments ladies, looks like i'll put this kind of look together again! as for your questions, yes they sent me some items for free. i was completely surprised and overwhelmed by their response. included was, the grey hoodie i'm wearing, that i talked about in my christmas list, which is why they contacted me, apparently they read the blogs :). as well as, a burnout pocket tee which is in the link on this post and a black jersey scarf. more then i could ask for. i love the company, the are not related to american apparel. you should check out their website because their stuff is made out of nicer fabrics and is similarly priced. not that i don't love american apparel too ;) you just can get something from alternative that is less common with more attention to detail. the hoodie is not the one worn in twilight but it is the one is was wanting for xmas. the twilight hoodie is yet to be discovered, i'm hoping it is mentioned in the director's behind the scenes book which is suppose to discuss wardrobe.

Stephanie said...

I went to the market this summer a couple of times but without any guidance it's kind of maze that only a stroke of luck with get you out of. I found this one vintage store that seemed like a gem though I didn't buy anything: Nana's on Kensington. But seeing as it's pretty much the only place I managed to find in the market, for all I know it could be the worst of them all.

I would definitely love to go with you when I visit next. My next visit will be so much fun!!

I found a really nice faux-fur coat at the salvation army last week (and by really nice I mean the silk lining was in perfect rose gold coloured condition) for $30 but it was a knee-length and I don't know, I felt like I'm not petite enough to pull off the knee length fur so I'm looking for something blazer-length and I think I would love to find a real fur piece. After seeing that one SongofStyle was wearing (that I posted) I just fell in love.....