v.v. sale

so every season value village, which is my thrift store of choice, has a 50% off sale. they used to be on tuesdays so i could go early and usually find really good stuff but the last few times they've been on mondays and i had to work. this time i almost didn't go as i thought by 6pm most everything worth while would have been picked over, but since the boy was away and i was bored around the house i tried my luck away. although not as good as past sales, i did pick up a few pieces, see below. i got an orange blazer with great lines that i think will be perfect for a pop of colour this spring. i got a great graphic print blazer that with a few alterations will add great interest to an outfit. jumping on the denim trend, i picked up this jean shirt hopefully not to wear as a canadian tuxedo. this blue sweater is by jagger and super soft. i love the duck pattern and funnel neck on it. lastly i picked up this sheer topper. it doesn't close but it will look cute layered on top of things for a bit of stevie nicks drama.


Stephanie said...

Love the orange blazer!!!!!
and the sheer blouse! You're Canadian tuxedo comment made me laugh inside ;)
I'm still trying to figure out how to pull of my thrifted oversized denim zip-up shirt: it's long enough to wear as a dress, but too wide without some sort of something- I tried it with a belt, but it looked kinda weird with the zipper and all....maybe i'll try it out with my lamé thrashed leggings. Did you see that AA has integrated cotton thrashed leggings?! Why- when you can diy?! aNyways.....

can't remember what else I wanted to say...i think i'm crashing and burning because I've spent the last three days trying to write the titles and leads for this decor issue supplement i'm working on for the magazine I work at- titles and leads are so hard because it's basically a word game and when you have 16 to come up with....well that's why my head is spinning!


stephanie said...

your idea about clipping the shirt is such a good one!!! I'm definitely going to try that out.
I saw her wedges!!! we had them in the stylists room a month ago when I was there- they are soo nice on her- she makes me want to buy anything she wears that I will be able to pull off. I feel like she;s this real-life Kate Moss: just gifted with inherent style and "cool" factor. I actually commented right under your comment! I thought that was pretty perfect!

Oh! and i remembered what I wanted to say earlier: i'm so envious of your colour purchases at VV because I feel like every time I leave there, I only leave with black pieces! I'm dying to find a mustard yellow summer dress.

As for the work- well its been more break time than work today---> I've been browsing ebay for like two hours trying to track down some lace-up combat boots. I think I found the perfect pair, finally. Hopefully they won't be too big if i end up getting them. The seller says shes an 8 and she wears them, but you never know....

Hope your saturday is great esp. now that your man is back!!


Mel said...

gorg, gorgeous!! love your winter wardrobe! x

Franki Skye said...

love your hair! gorge.


Kiki said...

ohhh love the orange blazer///