i heart chuck

all i ever wanted, by chuck wicks is one of my favourite ♥ love songs. since my guy is in nashville right now and not here with me, i send this out to him, happy valentine's luvy xoxoxo.


Stephanie said...

omgod what a FUN video!! I love the song!!! Such a sweet dedication, lady!

I can't wait to see your balenciaga!!!!!! Did you get it online? Or buy it in Toronto?

Thanks for the link for the bottlecaps- i'm going to check it out now.

Those cream tights sound great for summer, with a tan. Go for it! I'm sure you could make them look amazing!

Well I'm single and I usually don't care much about valentine's day cause I don't feel the repurcussions- but I was just at the grocery store alone and it was PACKED with couples! I wanted to die! and then I see my neighbour- also shopping solo and then we get to the cash at the same time and he gestures for me to go in front of him and I'm thinking 'great, we've never really said two words to each other, are we going to have some awkward walk home together now?' Thankfully it didn't work out that way. But now I feel like i need to watch that season 4, episode 1 of SATC where Carrie gets stood up for her 30th and then at the end, the four of them are at the coffee shop and carrie's like "it just felt really sad. not to have somebody". ya, that's kinda how i felt at Metro tonight ;)


Cindy said...

did you see the sweet denim cutoffs in the vid. too. it's funny how i the south the fashion can be so different. kevin says there's nothing in nashville that's the least bit hipster of urban outfitter like. it's all college kids in abercrombie and american eagle. my friend denny visited me from atlanta and he didn't even know what a hipster was. this is a total tangent.

Stephanie said...

lol! Ya anywhere i've been in the states has pretty much been of the abercrombie/hollister look---> so boring! Apart from NYC and L.A of course. Thank god we don't live in towns like those! It'd be awful, I imagine for someone with the mildest interest in fashion. But if you wanted to make some sort of a satiric statement with your outfits, I imagine those towns would be perfect! lol.

I can just imagine how you feel when you think about the price of your new bag, but it was soooooo worth it! you'll have it forever!!!! I soo wish I could afford another designer bag. I keep telling myself that one day soon it'll be an option again! I can't wait for that day. Sometimes I tell myself that for my 30th (which is in 4years) i'm gonna pool money together if I don't already own a Chanel 2.55! lol! It seems like the perfect 30th gift.

Hope your having a good dinner/movie night ;)


Dooder City said...

Love it!

Stephanie said...

I can completely understand what you mean about being underwhelmed. I think there are mixed reviews and i think it's great that you brought up the point about it being more polished than previously- that definitely kind of bothered me- i'm really hoping he doesn't evolve his muse to the point that she's completely looses the grunge that makes her so insatiable. His FW09 collection was so bloody perfect that I think it will be my favourite Wang collection ever, and really hard to top. There were definitely some stand-out pieces though like the croc print and the fur details and the leggings! They made me soo excited for it to be warm enough to wear my cut-out lamé leggings again! I totally agree also that we'll have to see how it looks off the runway.