it's just tonight

i really should be sleeping as i have to work in the morning, even though it's family day and most people have a long weekend. for those of you not living in canada, family day is a weird holiday that was created because there were no long weekends in february and someone thought you should have a day to spend with your "family". but, whatevs i thought you all needed an update. i'm still in the middle of apartment re-organization '09 so that's why posts have been a little sporadic, sorry all. this is one of my favourite shirts because i love, love, love bruce. in fact, you can see my devotion to him in my little hot guy slideshow in the side bar. i paired this tee with my newly made kings of leon tag and the ever versatile aa pocket skirt. i can't wait for the kings show in april. it's going to be awesome. i know i had more to tell you but i can't seem to ever remember what when i sit down and type these posts. i might also be that's it's 4:40 am.....

top: vintage
skirt: aa
tights: aritzia
boots: vintage, guess
necklace: h&m, luv your pets
earrings: gypsy


Stephanie said...

Your hair looks amazing lady!!!
I really want to see a close-up of that tee!

Oh and we don't have family day long weekend in Quebec. Not surprising really. I hate that were such a band out outsiders in this province!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the obsession with that skirt. Its just about unflattering on everyone.
But you have nice hair, and nice wood floors.

Charmaine said...

I think family day is only for those lucky people in AB. I like your tag idea... can't read the writing though. Can you post a macro shot of it? Or maybe just tell us what it says.