the professional

the best picture of natalie portman ever, for blender by mark abrahams. oh marty. 


style crusader said...

That movie that those pictures are from (well the first and last)is really awesome, I watched it accidentally a few months ago not knowing what it was.

Cindy said...

the professional is an amazing movie. i just watched it recently for the first time (i'm a little late) and i was blown away. natalie is so talented. i loved the films she made when she was younger. i reference her as marty in beautiful girls all the time too. stay cool forever.

Anonymous said...

I cant stand Natalie Portman.
But I think I might watch that movie.

Stephanie said...

Hi lady!

I loved Natalie in Closer. Esp that stripper scene. But I totally get that she's a "love her or hate her" actress. There's no middle with her.

We should definitely go for lunch, brunch or dinner whenever you're in Montreal or I'm in Toronto next time! I've thought about that before and it would be fun and ridiculous not to!

I can't believe you got your first levis. I thought for sure you'd have some already- can't wait to see them!! I'm glad I was able to inspire you as you're a constant thrifting source of inspiration for me.

YOu wrote this on the post with the pink skirt: .

ahh, pink. have you seen the back of this --->
pink blazer. it has a cut out open back. so sic. lusting over it.

I'm so confused: which blazer?! I'm sooooo curious!! forgive me for being a little slow on this uptake!


Stephanie said...

Thanks for the clarification! I can't believe that jacket is open in the back. I need to find a picture of that right.now.

Oh and I saw the UO version of the Wang bag today (in red) and it's awful. Well at least in red it is. You're so right too about waiting. www prices that wang bag at $800 something USDollars- i was really surprised at how good a price point that it is! Hopefully i will get some more freelance work and that will become a feasible reality- i'm so cash strapped right now. it totally sucks.

And on a total sidenote, for basically the first time today I had a longtime coming epiphany about UO--> now that i'm thrifting regularly, everything in there looks like overpriced thrift store goods.


Stephanie said...

I think I'm gonna be at value village Monday as well. I really want to get my hands on something similar to this erinwassonxrvca blouse: http://www.fabsugar.com/1850316

I've been reading the Kate Moss style book which has been sitting on my desk for months now and I only just started reading this week and I was blown away for inspiration in the first and second chapters. Have you read the book? They focus on her thrifting style and her style before she was famous. It's so inspiring in terms of navigating stores like the salvation army and V.V. I feel like I'm gonna go in there with new eyes next time. lol. But you've been thrifting for so long I feel like you already see things the way old-school Moss did, which is SO AWESOME!!! And this is why I continue to be inspired by your style. I'm pretty sure you single-handedly got me thrifting ;)