crochet bikinis and sandy beaches

today.... bright, sunny, finally above freezing, melting snow and peeling layers. could summer finally be on its way? hoping.

editorial: summer of love, harpers bazaar 1996, shot by peter lindbergh


Stephanie said...

amazing editorial!!


Stephanie said...

LADY!!! where have you been all my blogging life?!! I feel like I haven't heard from you in days. I'm in TNS/Cindy w/drawal- lol.

You mentioned Kevin was leaving, so I'm guessing you've been busy with him departure and work.

I was at V.V today at the same time I was there last week only today there were like a million pple there!!! I was like what the hell is going on?!!! Turns out, it was 50% off day. lol. Good thing too, cause VV is "expensive" compared to the $2 bonanza at Salvation Army- lol. Anyways, I got four blouses, one of which I think you'll <3 so much!!

Also I did a post with the YSL blazer- i think you'll like it, so when you have a minute, swing on by, scroll down and check it out!

talk soon, chix


tanya said...

I love these pics---so inspiring (making me incredibly jealous as well, wishing i was somewhere warm)...

Mel said...

ahh kate. she looked so innocent, fresh-faced then. loving it. x